"An insurance policy may have a good price, but poor value."

- John H. Connors

  • Since 1955, The Connors Insurance Agency, located in Mechanicville, NY, has been focused on responding to the needs of our customers, and we take pride in our role as insurance advisors, and in our relationships with the finest insurance carriers available. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to individuals and businesses in our community, and surrounding areas, for all their insurance needs, and peace of mind that you will be protected in the event of an untimely loss.

Frozen Pipes and Other Ice and Snow Damage

Your pipes freeze and burst, damaging your home.  Do you have coverage?  Most homeowners insurance policies, except for the very basic ones, cover damage to the home resulting from broken pipes due to freezing.  For example, your insurance company will pay to clean or pay the cost to replace the carpet, furniture and other property that has been damaged due to the water from bursting pipes, less your deductible.  For those with renters insurance, damage to your personal property from the water due to the burst pipes would be covered.  If the damage is so extensive that you can’t stay in your apartment, your insurance company will pay your additional living expenses as well.

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